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WildWest is a group of nature enthusiasts, dedicated to introduce you to the breathtaking wilderness and the stunning beauty of Western Ghats.

Be it through adventure activities, nature walks, trekking, camping, hiking, or through off-road jeep drives, WildWest intends to help you discover the wild side in you.

Whether you choose to escape your boredom with your friends and family, or with kids; WildWest’s outdoor activity packages are designed to cover all age groups and abilities.

With WildWest, you can:

-  Get adventurous and experience off-roading on 4-wheel drives through the nature trails (Off-road jeep drives to Gavibetta, etc)
- Conquer various peaks of Western Ghats (by trekking through Kumara Parvatha, Tadiyandamol, Kodachadri, etc)
- Bring out the child in you by having fun at several water falls (Mookanmane Falls, Mallalli Falls, etc)
- Quietly watch the sun go down from a cloud covering summit (Patlabetta, etc)

Our Services and Packages can tell you more about it. Wanna plan your next weekend getway with WildWest? CLICK HERE.

WildWest Crew

Prajwal M P
WildWest Crew - Prajwal M P

Popularly known as ‘MP’, Prajwal is nothing but a source of energy and enthusiasm. Hailing from Sakaleshpur - one of the most popular hill station located in Western Ghats – nature became a part and parcel of his life, quite naturally. A mechanical engineer by profession, Prajwal today shares his love for adventure by expertly hosting a lot of outdoor activities, camping, nature stays, bike tours and off-road jeep drives for nature enthusiasts through WildWest.

WildWest Crew - Supreeth
Apart from being a mechanical engineer, Supreeth has been exploring the summits and waterfalls for over 10 years. A passionate photographer and an avid trekker, he derives peace and energy in the thick foliage and hovering clouds of Western Ghats. Through WildWest, he aims at bringing the best of camping, trekking, hiking, and outdoor experience to you.

Contact WildWest to enjoy all our services and explore the Western Ghats!

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